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Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Kicks Off Summer Shareholder Meeting In San Diego

Posted on 6/8/2016 8:32:59 AM

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance convened its Summer Meeting in grand style at the Lowes Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego. More than 450 individuals representing 50 shareholder companies joined with more than 100 supplier channel partners, making it one of the largest such events in the organization’s history.

The four-day meeting is devoted to collaboration among members and staff, to further develop the group’s many award-winning programs and initiatives. The activities ranged from small work groups taking deep dives into specific issues, to presentations from industry experts and headquarters staff meant to enlighten membership to global trends that will impact them.

“Our summer meeting is an event that enables our shareholders to engage with one another and address the myriad of serious issues and opportunities facing our group,” said John Washbish, president and CEO of the Alliance. “It gives us the opportunity to put our heads together and push our group forward, as well as celebrate some of our accomplishments.”

The meeting started on Sunday with a variety of standing committees engaged in brainstorming to develop plans on a broad range of subjects including products, branding, national accounts, e-commerce and global expansion.

On Monday, the full membership met in a closed session to learn about several critical initiatives that have been under development since the last group gathering. Presentations included the introduction of a comprehensive new foreign nameplate program, the introduction of two new shareholder members and a battery of marketing, distribution and new product/vendor programs and updates.

The meeting continues through Wednesday.

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