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Posted on 1/28/2016 10:52:00 AM

CRDI stands for "Common Rail Direct Injection" while TDI is for "Turbocharged Direct Injection".
Although both of them are designed for diesel engine which could be application to for your car,truck,or even passenger automobiles.Today China Balin Parts Plant,reliable manufacturer for common rail parts,will introduce the difference between them.

Because the CRDI are equipped with common rail tubes connected to all injectors.It will help a lot in fuel efficient,improve the performance of your diesel engine by 25 percent,reduce the automobiles's engine vibration with less noise.Comparing to conventional injection systems,less fuel will be wasted in the unused system as the fuel inside the common rail is set in a certain amount of pressure that breaks down the fuel to its smallest particles. This method allows the fuel to combine with air more efficiently.CRDI serves as the control center of your car, truck, or any motorized vehicle to control the amount of fuel to be released,the timing of injection,the timing of the charge,and its pressure within the common rails. 

TDI is designed for the turbo diesel enginie which featured turbocharging and cylinder direct fuel injection.It was developed by the popular Volkswagen Group in Europe.Meanwhile it is common used in the Volkswagen vehicles,passenger cars,light commercial automobiles and marine engines.Through direct injection,atomized fuel is directly sprayed into the engine’s main combustion chamber through a fuel injector. There are much more amount of air to enter into the cylinders with this TDI's turbocharger.There is also an available intercooler that can lower the engine’s temperature which makes it possible to increase the amount of fuel that can be injected and combusted.After that,it will lead to more power and greater efficiency for your engine.And because the low surface area in the TDI,it will also reduce heat loss, thus increasing engine efficiency with minimal combustion noise.

Above all,CRDI could apply to any cars or trucks while TDI is for only Volkswagen Group automobiles.
Second,CRDI is much more expensive while you could save a lot in the fuel cost.

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