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CRS 3-27 diesel common-rail system with piezo injectors and 2,700 bar

Posted on 4/19/2017 11:54:15 AM

Task Rising fuel prices and increasingly stringent emissions limits make modern, economical, environmentally friendly diesel engines the powertrains of choice. With its CRS 3 series common-rail systems, Bosch offers modular and scalable solutions for the injection system in order to further reduce the emissions, fuel consumption, and combustion noise of diesel engines.By using piezo injectors, Bosch increases the system pressure of common-rail systems to 2,700 bar. Higher injection pressure is a key lever for reducing an engine’s untreated nitric oxide and particulate emissions. The reason for this is that the higher the pressure, the fi ner the fuel can be atomized and the better it mixes with the air in the cylinder. This makes the combustion process as thorough and clean as possible. CRS 3 systems are suitable for diesel engines with up to twelve cylinders and a wide range of power and torque. The modular systems can be adapted to a large number of engine types. Bosch has extensive series production experience for passenger cars with the CRS 3 series: millions of CRS 3 systems are already in use and delivering outstanding results.CRS 3-27 common-rail systems with pressures up to 2,700 bar build on the CRS 3-20 piezo system on a modular basis. The increased pressure and technical modifi cations make it possible to further optimize diesel engines and make a signifi cant contribution toward fulfi lling current and future emissions targets.

Function In the common-rail system, the fuel is always provided with the required pressure for injection. The system consists of a high-pressure pump, a high-pressure rail, an injector for each cylinder, and an electronic control system. Injection timing and fuel volume are calculated and controlled individually for each cylinder

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