Delivery Valves

The function of delivery valves (Valvole/Soupapes/Druckventile) is to assist in the rapid built of pressure in the injection line and to cut of the flow of fuel at the termination of fuel injection pulse. They are seated on top of the element.Our d.valves could be alternatives for American Bosch®, Belarus-Kamaz®, Bosch®, Caterpillar®,AMBAC ®, Delphi®, Denso®, Deutz-Fahr®, EKM®, FIAT®, F & M®, GM®, Lucas-Bryce®, Lucas-Simms®, Motorpal®, OMAP®, Ruston®, Sigma®, SKL®, Stanadyne®, Sulzer® e Zexel®.
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