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Delphi Diesel Common Rail Injector DFI 21

Posted on 12/29/2015 9:16:11 AM

In extending for commercial vehicle engine programs in the future to supply a convenient technology upgrade strategy for the existing diesel engine,The Delphi DFI 21 Diesel Common Rail Injector comes out,improving its perfermance & hydraulic efficiency,also reducing exterior envelope.
DENSO common rail systems
Through delivering smaller fuel quantities in a greater number of injections, greater injection accuracy is supplied by DELPHI DFI 21 Injector,comparing to the old generation technology.
Meanwhile,miniaturized balanced control valve and actuator, an advanced nozzle concept and needle motion control is equiped in the DFI 21 Injector.

1.In order to meet emissions standards in the future,its multiple injection performance will be useful for the manufacturers.
2.For improved valve dynamics and control,its miniaturization characteristic will assure 3-way for nozzle control valves to reduce the response time.

3.Capable of three pre- and three post-injections, or combinations, with minimum separation

4.More custom exterior packaging flexibility 
5.Less weight
6.More than 3000 bar operation
7.Almost zero leakage
8.Reduced temperature of back leak versus conventional technologies
9.Excellent consistency and stability 
10.You could choose needle velocity and initial injection rate
11.Optimized combustion and fuel consumption


In 2019,DELPHI will put DFI 21 Diesel Common Rail Injector into production.But now you could get engineering samples.

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