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Delphi low-cost common rail fuel injection system

Posted on 4/16/2016 2:46:52 PM

Delphi Automotive is now developing a low-cost common rail fuel injection system for heavy-duty diesel which is aims for emerging markets.This system will use the latest technology to deliver improved fuel economy and allows upgrades to meet future emissions standards.

"Vehicle and engine manufacturers in China and other developing markets face tough challenges that are unique to their region,” explained Richard Green, Delphi Diesel Systems (Heavy-Duty) China business director. “When we looked at the best solution from their perspective, it became clear that only a system with a design path through to the latest high-pressure systems would provide the right combination of attributes now and into the future.”

The new system comprises a high-pressure pump, rail assembly, electronic controller and state-of-the-art injectors. Suitable for engines with a displacement of 9 to 16 liters, the system provides a maximum rail pressure of 1,800 bar, allowing compliance with China 4/5 emissions standards. “Key challenges are cost, local manufacturability, an affordable upgrade to future emissions standards, diverse fuel qualities, robustness and fuel economy, which is a fundamental driver of vehicle choice,” said David Draper, Delphi Diesel Systems (Heavy- Duty) engineering director. “Rather than start with a low-cost, older system and work forward, the team started with Delphi’s portfolio of advanced fuel injection technologies, carefully selecting appropriate components and then optimizing them for the unique requirements of the new application.” 

The fuel pump uses a modular design that eliminates unnecessary capability for the market, resulting in potential cost savings. This strategy also simplifies manufacturing and allows each module to be upgraded as technical requirements change. The lower rail pressure, which creates less fatigue, has allowed cost-optimization of the materials and the manufacturing process. The pressure control valve and electronic control unit also are simplified, as is the electronic control unit, which provides diagnostics and other functionality appropriate to the system performance.

To help ensure class-leading fuel economy, Delphi has specified a proven, high-performance fuel injector that provides the robustness essential for markets with varying fuel quality and other known issues. As well as being highly-durable, these injectors provide the capabilities necessary for efficient combustion, improving fuel consumption and reducing the need for costly aftertreatment.

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