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Diesel Common Rail System Developed by DENSO In 2013

Posted on 3/19/2016 9:53:03 AM

The diesel common rail injection systems is the mainstream fuel injection system for diesel engines.According to the news record of 2013,the diesel common rail (DCR) fuel injection systems with pressure 2,500 bar was developed by global automtive supplier - DENSO Corporation.It was thought to be the highest injection pressure then.By comparing to old generation of diesel injection system,this DCR systems will make a very big contribution in increasing 3% fuel efficiency,reducing 50% particulate matter (PM) and dalso 8% nitrogen oxides (NOx).It is made up of injectors,fuel pump and common rail and also apply to passenger, commercial, agricultural and construction vehicles worldwide.

Recalling this issue,we will find there are many more new generation of common rail systems now with higher injection pressure.The emission rules is more strictly now.In order to meet increasingly stringent exhaust emissions standards,global vehicles manufacturers like Bosch,Denso,Caterpillar are all making efforts to work on new generation common rail diesel systems.They are suitable for EURO IV and EURO V,In the other hand,for some aftermarket common rail parts suppliers like China Balin Parts Plant,they are not sitting idly on its hands.It means there will be more choice for the buyers by spending less money in the basis of high performance.For much more details,welcome to contact us.

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