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Diesel Injection Nozzles

Posted on 3/25/2016 2:32:25 PM

Nozzle (Polverizzatori / Becs d'injecteurs / Düsen) is one of the most sophisticated components of the entire injection system of diesel engines.Its function is inject fuel into the combustion chamber in the form of spray droplets with diameters ranging from 20 to 100 microns.In order to meet the demand of withstand the heavy demands of today’s diesel engines,the diesel injection nozzle produced by aftermarket supplier China Balin Parts Plant could fires 1,000 times per minute with precise.Meanwhile because of its durability,it also has a good,long and reliable service life for performance.

Main Features
1.Hydraulic grinding, an exclusive Bosch process, employs a special abrasive medium to round the edges of the spray hole inlets.
2.The delivery of fuel is assure by the Precision-drilled spray holes.It will improve the power and reduce emission.
3.Maximum durability is guaranteed by high alloy and chrome steel construction
4.Needle-to-body gap for proper hydraulic performance
5.Dual-angle needle design ensures a precise contact point for positive sealing and optimum performance

For the global automotive suppliers - Bosch has the first-class technology and products.In aftermarket,China Balin Parts Plant takes this responsibility to offer excellent performance of nozzles,applications to vehicles,buses,marine,common rail,etc.The components could replace the original ones in the basis of quality guaranteed and competitive price.If you are looking for quality manufacturer in aftermarket,we will be your first choice.

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