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Diesel Unit Pump Diesel Common Rail Systems Of DELPHI

Posted on 12/26/2015 11:27:33 AM

Delphi Diesel Unit Pump Diesel Common Rail (UPCR) Systems are recognized to be advanced 
common rail technology and an "green" strategy which is diesel engine program from small to medium.
A cost-effective, robust solution in the first gerneration helps the manufacturer achieve 
optimal fuel efficiency and meet stringent emissions standards, such as Euro 4.Now te second
generation which could meet emissions standards for Euro 5, Euro 6 and beyond is now developing
Delphi's second generation UPCR
In the DELPHI Diesel UPCR systems,it contains fast solenoid fuel injectors and a common rail, a program-tailored engine control module (ECM), robust unit fuel pump with an inlet metering valve, as well as an efficient, low cost fuel filter.It is application for 1- to 4-cylinder engine

Now the Delphi's APC (Accelerometer Pilot Control) or SPC (Speed Pilot Control) help the precise amount of fuel is delivered over the life of the vehicle by injectors.Delphi's I3C (Individual Injector Characterization) helps the engine operate with optimum efficiency and enables the ECU to be precisely calibrated with the injection system.

Delphi is a familar by its innovation, design and manufacture of diesel engine management systems and components. We could see it in its conventional solenoid light duty diesel common rail system and 
innovative Diesel Pump Common Rail Systems.

Right now we have to admit that it has a worldwide network of resource for diesel engine technologies for light duty, medium duty and heavy duty,helping the clients meet the meet emissions requirements, improve fuel economy and enhance performance.

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