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Do you really want the reconditioned nozzles?

Posted on 1/6/2016 2:23:42 PM

Nozzle is an critical component of the diesel fuel injection system.Its function is to atomize fuel
under extreme pressures up to 26,000 psi in order for perfect combustion, exact emissions and peak engine performance.So you might have hesitate to purchase the OEM nozzles like BOSCH,DENSO,Motorpal.Because they are too expensive.Then there are some people who choose to recondition these OE nozzles.In this stage,we have some words for you.

The nozzle’s original needle-to-seat positioning is changed by the grindings which happens during the recondition process.Fuel delivery could also be changed and emission increased even because of the slightest deviation.In the other hand,it could reduce the overall hardness of a reconditioned nozzle seat because of high engine temperatures.Anyhow the reconditioned nozzles will affact its overall performance during its service life.So is it really worth for you to make a risk?

Actually,there is really have another choice to buy the nozzles from an reputable aftermaket parts supplier,like China Balin Parts Plant.In the basis of the quality warranty,the price is also competitive.Because of this advantage,some aftermarket manufacturers even become the potential competitors of them.So why not to try?

Wish this is helpful for you to get consistently superior performance nozzles.

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