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How to increase diesel performance of Common Rail

Posted on 3/31/2016 9:54:17 AM

Being expert at the common rail parts industry,China Balin Parts Plant always get one common question from its fans on how to increase the performance in the common rail ride.Today we will offer you some professional tips for that.

In fact,the performance of common rail depends on the amount of fuel dumped in the cylinder.So we have to figure out how to increase more fuel into it.First method is to increase rail pressure.If the diesel performance chips are correctly set and tuned,it will enable the a decent boost to mid-range performance (+/- 2800 RPM), as well as some gains in efficiency.These chips will not really affect top-end performance.They are readily available, fairly safe, and (reasonably) cheap.But we have to be causious when set these chips.If not tuned correctly,you will start throwing code after code.

Second method would be holding open the injector longer (and add boost pressure).These chips give you a lot more capability to tune, and inflict a bit less wear on the injection system. The added ability to tune (each injector is metered out to the microsecond) means more horsepower and top-end performance, but not better fuel economy.

If you pursue not only some mid-range increases,but also better economy,choose a chip that holds the injector open longer and increases boost pressure as well. Choosing the right shop to install and tune this chip to your ride is a key. End of the day, if you want more power, and take steps to minimise the risk, tuning can be the way to go. If outright reliability is more important to you than increased diesel performance, then stay away.

Anyhow the critical factor to increase your common rail injection vehicles is to make sure you get the right common rail replacement parts installed.Here you might need the reliable and professional manufacturer like China Balin Parts Plant.

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