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How to repair common rail injectors?

Posted on 12/30/2015 9:50:54 AM

Today we introduce the CR-Next Common Rail Injector Repair Stand which allow injector repair and assembly by accurate data.
1.Open the program and select the correct injectors
Because different injectors have different repair and assembly data
2.Program goes through 10 repair and assembly steps for injectors key elements
(1)Install valve and tighten valve retaining bolt (VSS)
All injector parts must be cleaned in Ultrasonic tank
Use only new original spare parts
Check correct tightening torques from programs
Tighten with torque wrench
Insert spring and stoppers
(2)Measure Armature Storke (AH)
All measureing process is shown in the program
Insert injector into CR-Next stand
Fix injector correctly and securely
Connect measuring gauges
Apply air pressure and make the measurement
Measuring valve is shown on the screen
If valve is out of tolerance range,change injector shim,as suggested by program
(3)Measure Residual Air Gap (RLS)
Insert shim
Measure valve 1 from injector body
Insert valve 1
Measure valve 2 from injector magnet
Insert valve 2
(4)Tightening Solenoid Retaining nut (MSM)
Connect solenoid
Check correct tightening torques from program and tighten with torque wrench
(5)Measure Electrical Armature Stroke (AHE)
Insert injector to CR-Next stand
Connect the measuring rod
Fix injector securely
Connect measuring gauges
Connect electrical connector
Make the measurement
Measuring valve is shown on the screen
(6)Measure Needle Lift (DNH)
Remove needle spring and refit thrust piece
Measure needle lift with measuring gauge
Insert valve to the program
(7)Tighten Nozzle Retaining Nut (DSM)
Attach nozzle to the injector
Tighten by the parameters,given in the program
(8)Tighten Inlet Connector (DRS)
After this,the injector needs to be tested in the injector test bench
(9)-(10) are the valve spring force and nozzle spring force
They are needed when test bench results show malfunction
next step is to test injector in the test bench like 12PSB-CR3000 or 12PSB-CRIII,which you could contact China Balin Parts Plant for purchasing.

3.By the accurate data,the common rail injector is repaired & assembly successfully.

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