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VP44 Pump

Posted on 11/15/2016 10:17:10 AM

The fuel injection pump (VP44) is an electronic rotary distributor pump. The pump performs four basic functions:
- Producing the high fuel pressure required for injection.
- Metering the exact amount of fuel for each injection cycle.
- Distributing the high-pressure, metered fuel to each cylinder at the precise time.
- Varying the timing relative to engine speed.

A cam ring with three plungers, a rotor, and an electronically controlled fueling solenoid valve is used to develop and distribute the high pressure required for injection.
A worn or damaged internal transfer pump, plunger, or fueling valve can affect the pressure and amount of fuel injected, thus reducing the power from the engine. Generally, if the fuel injection pump is injecting fuel from one outlet, it will deliver from all outlets.

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