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What "remanufactured" mean?

Posted on 1/6/2016 9:37:33 AM

If you are in the field of fuel injection parts or diesel locomotive parts (GE/EMD/ALCO),there is chance to see words "remanufactured","used","new" or "rebuilt".It's easy for us to know all words except "remanufactured" which could be confused with "used" and "rebuilt".

"Remanufactured" doesn't equel to "used" and "rebuilt".Butit means that the parts are manufactured again.100% of all parts are examined and the non-wearable parts – such as the injector body – are re-used. 
However if the parts,tested before completion,have any flaws,it would be discarded.The  injector is rebuilt and all wearable components are replaced.The manufacturer will decide the extent of the remanufacturing and testing process.So if you are looking for the "remanufactured" parts,it is recommended that you choose the OEM or the reputable companys like China Balin Parts Plant.

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