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What To Attention to Manufacture A High Quality Common Rail Parts ?

Posted on 1/9/2016 10:36:26 AM

Actually the performance of components depends on the early stage of common rail's development.
A lot of problems,such as material fatigue,could be avoided by the right geometry and precise parameters.So we have to work hard in the best shape and size of the common rail to meet the complex demand of next-generation diesel and petrol engines.

2. Raw Material Selection
In every manufacturing process,the right material used will play a decisive role.
Unsuitable raw material will directly lead to shorter product life and also reduce fuel accumulation volume.in the contrary,the excellent material will guarantee reliable performance and resistance in every single moment.So like China Balin Parts Plant,they choose elaborated steels for diesel common rails and stainless steel for a gasoline direct injection common rail.

3. Process Innovation
After the above two steps done,we need to use high-quality forging tools and your expertise.
The professional manufactures always equipped with forging hammers, screw presses, mechanical presses and other sophisticated machinery.They will conceptualize individual forging process combining different equipment according to the requirement from the customers.In the other hand the most stringent standards is also adopted in order to guarantee the excellence of the manufacturing performance.

4. Final Parameters
The hot forged common rail need to cool first before we do the trimming,a precise operation to assure the final parameters.In order for best mechanical properties,the right cooling is highly necessary which could optimized strength and resistance of the component.So we have to pay more attention to this operation.

China Balin Parts Plant,a full-fledged supplier for common rail parts,strictly control every single production steps of manufacturing process.We are proud of our expertise to make the most resistant materials,applying best forging techniques.

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