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When to check or replace your nozzle?

Posted on 1/6/2016 10:11:52 AM

Nozzle is one of the most sophisticated components of the entire injection system of diesel engines.Its function is inject fuel into the combustion chamber in the form of spray droplets with diameters ranging from 20 to 100 microns.On average,a diesel nozzle fires 1,000 times per minute, so precision and durability are important features. So in order to deliver a long, reliable service life for consistently superior diesel engine performance,we need to know when to check or replace the nozzles.

Below is some conditions:
1.smoke development increased (especially with cold starts).
2.when the engine is cold,combustion noise is increased 
3.The engine is running rough despite being warm
4.You experience a loss of performance
5.You experience increased fuel consumption 
If you are experience the conditions above,it is recommended that it's time to check or replace your nozzles immediately.Meanwhile purchasing high quality injector nozzles or common rail nozzles is also very important for your engine.So we would recommend you to choose the experienced & reputable supplier,for example China Balin Parts Plant .

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