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Sinotruk howo heavy truck troubleshooting

Publicado el2018-10-15

Sinotruk howo heavy truck,powered by the WD615 engine, uses an electronic control system.   Problem:Poor acceleration occurred and the maximum speed was only 2000rpm   First of all,we checked the truck information with its owner.Its injection pump and nozzle were already checked and everything is ok.The howo nozzle has been replaced while problem still there.   Analyze: First, the engine fault detection is carried out with the special diagnostic instrument for thi..   [ leer más ]

Brands of common Rail Nozzles

Publicado el2018-10-13

The Common Rail injection technology refers to a fuel supply method that completely separates the generation of injection pressure and the process of injection from each other in the closed loop system composed of high-pressure oil pump, pressure sensor and electronic control unit (ECU).   Common rail injectors is the most critical and complex part in common rail fuel system while its performance a certain extent depends on another high precision components - Nozzle.It sprays the fuel in ..   [ leer más ]

Why your pump plunger stuck?

Publicado el2018-10-12

If some particle impurities enter the gap between plunger and plunger sleeve, it will lead to the injury of plunger and lag, and become a major factor affecting the reliability of diesel engine.If the plunger barrels is stuck,it will affect the performance of governor,leading to the unstable speed of the diesel engine, and in serious cases, the engine will stall.Below is some causes for fuel pump plunger stuck:  1.If the fitting is too tight, the plunger sleeve and pump body will..   [ leer más ]

Uneven Fuel Supply of Injection Pump:Causes,Adjustment

Publicado el2018-10-07

As we know,fuel injection pump is an vital component in diesel engine fuel injection system.Generally, the oil supply is adjusted on the test bench before installed for use.Even so, sometimes there will be power shortage, exhaust black smoke, unstable rotating speed anomalies.What we need to do is to analyze according to the different causes and then offer the related solution.Here injection pump parts manufacturer - China Balin Power Co.,Ltd will indicate two main reasons for the uneven fuel su..   [ leer más ]

BASCOLIN - Official Sponsor of Automechanika Shanghai 2017

Publicado el2017-12-11

Thanks to Automechanika Shanghai 2017,CHINA-BALIN sucessfully show its BASCOLIN brand of diesel injection parts and common rail parts to clients worldwide.As an official sponsor of Automechanika Shanghai this time,brand BASCOLIN become much more familar by the world.There are a number of visitors shows its great interest to be our representive in their market.Some of them also pay the samples directly and will test when they are back. From this fair,we find that common rail spares and Cater..   [ leer más ]

BASCOLIN In Automechanika Shanghai 2017

Publicado el2017-10-19

Asia’s largest trade fair for automotive parts, accessories, equipment and services is scheduled for 29 November – 2 December 2017. Held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Puxi, Shanghai, the exhibition continues to expand with the scale, exhibitor and visitor figures increasing. Meanwhile the biggest B2B trade fair brand,Automechanika is planing to make an cooperation agreement with AICA (Associazione Italiana Costruttori Autoattrezzature / Italian Garage Equipment Manufac..   [ leer más ]

PS7100 Plunger P542

Publicado el2017-09-12

12MM Plunger P542  ZS542 SINOTRUK Prestigious diesel pump plunger manufacturers  wholesale price Excellent working performance 360 days warranty Series Model Code Plunger P501 ZS501 Plunger P502 ZS502 Plunger P503 ZS503 Plunger P504 ZS504 Plunger P505 ZS505 Plunger P506 ZS506 Plunger P507 ZS507 Plunger P508 ZS508 Plunger 2 ..   [ leer más ]

Плунжерная пара

Publicado el2017-08-26

Китай Компания Balin Power Co., Ltd является авторитетным производителем дизельных впрысков и производителями деталей для общих частей для распределения и распределения Плунжерная пара, применения в BOSCH, DENSO, ZEXEL, CATERPILLAR, WEIFU, DELPHI и др. HOWO, NISSAN, ISUZU, TOYOTA X170S 2418455165 2418455732 2418455530 2418455518 ..   [ leer más ]

Lucas-Bryce Nozzles Aftermarket

Publicado el2017-08-05

Part Name Lucas-Bryce Part No Stamping Technical Data Nozzle H160T37K904AP7 223 10232 9x0,375x160 Nozzle H160T40E464P4   5x0.40x160 Nozzle H160T40F576   6x0,40x160 Nozzle H160T45F464P4   6x045x160 Nozzle HL130T35H418P6 ..   [ leer más ]


Publicado el2017-07-29

China diesel pump plunger suppliers & manufacturers wholesale T elements PS7100 X170S for SINOTRUK HOWO - Original BASCOLIN brand - 6Pcs/set -360 days warranty - Sample order accepted - Competitive factory price With its excellent working performance,the plunger X170S are highly welcome in the after market,such as Tanzania,Russia,etc.Meanwhile BASCOLIN is also recognized to be one of the most trusted brand.If you are looking for quality X170S exporters,we are your choice!   [ leer más ]

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